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Course Information and Practitioner Testimonials: Saam Acupuncture/ Korean Kinetic Acupuncture Online CEU's. NCCAOM, Florida Approved. NOT APPROVED for CALIFORNIA !

 Contact:   941-875-6630 Class #1 I ntroduction to Saam Acupuncture. 15 Hours.  Master Saam was a high priest and doctor from 15th century Korea. According to legend Saam meditated and discovered the core mystery of acupuncture. Revived in the 1980's by Dr. Hong Gyeong Kim, Saam is now one of the most popular of Traditional Korean Acupuncture techniques.  Dr. Evan Mahoney's manuscript "Saam Medical Meditation: A Transcendental Acupuncture Experience" is based on his experience with meditation and the application and explanation of the Saam acupuncture technique. Included in the book is the tonifying and sedating 4 needle technique for all twelve yin and yang organs. An explanation of the Saam Acupuncture energetic characteristics of each organ. And Saam Prescriptions for the wide swath of Oriental Medicine applications. Class NOT offered in California. NCCAOM® Provider #: ACHB1036-001-002, Florida course track